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„Ein faszinierendes Hörerlebnis"
Stuttgarter Zeitung

About the duo
The combination of saxophone and piano inspires and captures the imagination of the public, as Jan Schulte-Bunert and Florian von Radowitz repeatedly discover at their concerts. There is wonderment and great enthusiasm when the public discover that the saxophone can sound so different to many peoples preconceptions. Works from Bach, Schumann, Brahms, Debussy and Milhaud as well as contemporary and salon music are found in the repertoire of these ambitious musicians, who aim to expand and foster the fascination of the public for the unusual sound of classical saxophone and piano.

CD cover
The new CD
In March 2007 the duo released their second CD with works from Kreisler, Schulhoff, Wiedoeft, Ravel etc.

„Ganz und gar gelungen die Wiedergabe der Phantasiestücke Opus 73 von Robert Schumann,
die voller Brillianz und Energie das Publikum mitriss.“
Bonner Rundschau
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